Dppler Reactor is a 360’ interactive installation that plays with our perception of volume. Utilizilizing projection mapping techniques and motion tracking to react to the environment with up to 12 active users ‘transforming’ the skin of the sculpture with an almost infinite number of combinations. DIGITAL FABRICATION by GAMMA NYC, SOUND BY INDEFINIT



Fractoid 2.1 is the second in a series of projection mapped sculptures.  Fractoid 2.1 is synched to futuristic beat-machines and operates based off of audience interaction. When certain combinations of keystrokes are entered on the midi controller, the kinetic sculpture has the ability to rotate into different 3 shapes. Full credits listed on the Vimeo page.
Collaborative project  by artists Gabriel Pulecio and Michael Russek. Sound Design: Sam Pool



Fractoid is a projection mapped sound sculpture that works as a futuristic beat-machine. People interact with it through alight emitting midi controller composed of 36 glowing keys and 10knobs which control
and enable the live mixing of the audiovisual output, a video-camera transmitting real time feedback, a joystick moving a focal 3d light over the sculpture and a set of two directional speakers.
This installation was custom made for the Lightning in a Bottle 2012music/art festival in LA, the concept behind the whole piece was to build an interactive piece that attracts people passing by, to play and compose their one scores during the 3-day musical frenzy.
Three forces collaborated to give life to the piece, Mike Russek built the 6.5´ sculpture and designed and built the retro-looking midi console, Chris Lane created the sound design from a tight and exiting dialogue with me, who designed the
sculpture and the visuals and programmed the whole system in TD.
Awesome team, amazing experience!
Thanks to the Smart Gallery for the best camping crowd and spot in the place :)


Sound reactive projection mapped paper sculpture. Based on the Audio peaks of the ambient, this interactive sculpture will change colors, trigger videos, and also has real time feed-back camera.