Role: Direction, Generative Graphics
Software : TouchDesigner
AV Project: AAR4KH

Audio Visual Project
AAR4KH is a unique audio-visual project that combines the talents of Musician Antoine Abi Khalil and Media artist Gabriel Pulecio. The project gets its name from the popular distilled drink, arak, which served as a source of inspiration for the duo while creating the project in the dense forests of Bali, Indonesia.

Obscure Warung
The first single of AAR4KH, "Obscure Warung," takes its name from the famous "warungs" in Bali and the enigmatic nature of the song. The track is a unique composition, where each sound and sonic input transforms the visuals in real-time, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving audio-visual experience.

The randomization algorithm used in the project takes the concept of unpredictability to the next level. It not only randomizes the input from the Midi but also the cameras, angles, and twitching of the main elements, making each performance completely unique. The goal is to create a system that can run on its own, allowing for the pure love of controlled entropy to take over, resulting in a mesmerizing audio-visual experience that is constantly changing and evolving.

Overall, AAR4KH's "Obscure Warung" offers a glimpse into a new and exciting era of audio-visual performances, where technology and art combine to create something truly unique and unforgettable. The project's commitment to the love of controlled entropy offers a refreshing and innovative approach to the audio-visual experience that is sure to capture the imaginations of music and art lovers alike