Lustix AKA Gabriel Pulecio is a New media artist and Motion Graphics Designer / Animator.  Specializing in 3D Animation and Design, Particle Simualtions, very sleek renders and lately Artifical Intelligence.

His work spans multiple disciplines, from film, music videos broadcast to live visuals and real-time graphics.
He's also new media artist focusing on immersive installations and light art.

Gabriel is available for freelance work in New York City and remotely.

3D: Cinema4D , Houdini.
Render Engines: Redshift, Octane
2D: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Realtime: Touch Designer
A.I: Stable Diffusion
Photogrametry: Capture Reality


Artist Website
Gabriel Pulecio Studio

Lustix (Motion Graphics)
Rememberingvictoriosa (Light Art)
Promptestai (A.I. Research)

Studios & Clients 

1st Ave Machine, Adolescent, Armada Skis, AV&C, Avantmark, Bl;nd, BrandNewShool, Buck, Carbon NYC ,Eyeball NYC, ESI Design, FreestyleCollective, Gensler, Hush, Framestore, Freshpaint, Hornet, LoyalKasper, Los York, Leroy&Clarkson, Lobo, Longfriendship Society, The MIll, MassMarket, Ntropic, Nike,ESI Design, Perception, Psyop, Shilo, Super Fad, Resident, UVphactory