Role: Particles Design, Animation, Compositing
Software : Cinema4D, Thinking Particles, After Effects
Studio: The Mill
Director: Rama Allen

Particle Dancer Chroreography 

Offf Festival is a highly regarded event that celebrates music and the arts on a global scale. In 2014, The Mill, a prominent studio in the industry, reached out to me, Lustix, to assist with research and development, as well as animation for the characters and various elements in the festival's main title sequence.

My primary focus during this collaboration was on the particle systems, which were used to create an otherworldly and ethereal appearance for the dancers, resulting in beautiful trails of movement that captivated the audience.

The Beggining / The Egg

The opening sequence of the Offf festival titles begins with an egg that breaks into particles, ultimately giving birth to the two main characters that carry the storyline throughout the titles. I was responsible for creating several different looks for the egg, as well as handling the animation and compositing of the first sequence.

The initial research and development phase involved experimenting with various styles and techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Here are some examples of the R&D work I did, as well as the final sequence for you to see the evolution of the project: 

Character Design and R&D

The main two characters in the Offf festival titles are a key element of the sequence, dancing in a choreography that builds up to a dramatic explosion. As part of my role in the project, I was responsible for the design and development of the characters, specifically in terms of their look, feel, and the way their bodies are covered in trails of particles.

Through these different versions and looks, we were able to fine-tune the design of the dancer characters and create the perfect balance between grace, beauty, and dynamic movement.

Dancers Movements

Another aspect of my involvement in the Off festival titles was working on the movement and appearance of the dancers. My focus was on creating a unique and ethereal quality to the dancers' movements that would help to emphasize the choreography without being too obvious or overwhelming.
As part of the research and development process, I conducted numerous tests with different types of trails and lengths to find the perfect balance for the dancers.

Particles Explosion R&D

The resolution of the dancers' choreography in the Offf festival titles builds up to a dramatic explosion, which marks the climax of the sequence. This explosion causes the dancers to dissolve into another plane of existence, giving the impression of a magical and otherworldly experience.

As part of my role in the project, I was responsible for creating the particle effects that would be used for the explosion and the dissolve effect. 

Here are some examples of the research work I did for the sequence, which helped us to achieve the perfect look and feel for the particle effects:

Corrosion R&D

The final scene of the Offf festival titles takes on a darker and moodier tone, with a corrosion element that creates a stark contrast to the ethereal and magical quality of the previous scenes. As part of my role in the project, I was responsible for creating the look and feel of this corrosion element, which involved a combination of oils and a venom-like movement.

My aim was to create a dark and moody vibe. I experimented with different techniques to achieve the desired effect, ultimately settling on a combination of fluid-like movement and an oily texture to create a creepy and ominous feel.

Look and Feel

The main title sequence underwent extensive research and development to create its distinctive aesthetic. A unique combination of charcoal sketches and watercolor elements was utilized to achieve a visually striking effect. The use of both hand-drawn and 3D textures further adds to the overall depth and complexity of the sequence.


Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
Director: Rama Allen
Art Director: Christopher Palazzo
Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
Producer: Tia Perkins
Director of Photography: Adam Carboni

Soundscapes: Fall On Your Sword
Music: Darkness Falls

Editing Company: The Mill
Editor: Charlotte Carr

Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
VFX Producer: Jason Bartnett
Pre-Viz: Navdeep Singh
Colorist: Michael Rossiter
Coordinator: Georgina Castle