Role: Design, Animation.
Software : Cinema 4D, After Effects.
Studio: Framestore N.Y.
Director:  Murray Butler / Marc Smith

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney's latest documentary, We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, follows the controversial whistleblowing site and its even more controversial leader, Julian Assange.
It tells the story of the site’s creation up to its execution of the largest security breach in US history.

Process / Research
When working on the graphics for WikiLeaks, the goal was to create a world made of data, using millions of data points to construct complex data landscapes that conveyed the sheer scale of the information being shared.
Inspired by technological aesthetics, and used this inspiration to create a visually compelling final product. I also worked on several shots that showed a user interface (UI) for the data breach. These shots were designed to visually convey the process of accessing and analyzing the data that was being leaked.

Process / Research
Design development focused on creating a foreboding, tech-driven aesthetic in keeping with the film’s sinister subject matter; involving international cyber-espionage, leaked military secrets, and the “cult-of-personality”.
To visualize the spread of information in the digital age, an inter-connected structure of pixels serves as a backdrop; framing imagery that reveals over time, and from certain angles of view, to then shift and transform into a new set of content.


Design & Animation Studio: Framestore
Production Company: Jigsaw/ Global Produce
Creative Director: Murray Butler
Titles Designer: Marc Smith
Designers: Zack Lydon, Gabriel Pulecio, Callum McKeveny, Byunghoon Han, Joe Lawrence

Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
Producer: Sumer Zuberi
Director of Photography: Maryse Alberti
Titles Designer: Marc Smith

Editor: Andy Grieve
Designers: Zack Lydon, Gabriel Pulecio, Callum McKeveny, Byunghoon Han, Joe Lawrence,

Post-Production / VFX Company: Framestore
Executive Producer: Sarah Dowland2D
Supervising Producer: Sam Black
Associate Producer: Javier Botero